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What is Tvarak?

Tvarak is world's most affordable and efficient with all in one sales process accelerator which will help corporate to monitor entire business on real time from anywhere anytime. With GPS based tracking corporate can manage field sales executive,customers status, and sales analytics effectively. Tvarak helps corporate to make smarter decisions to Save Time, Reduce Cost and Increase Productivity

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Why Tvarak ?

Centralize Data management

Tvarak provide secure cloud based, centralize data management you can Access Anytime, Anywhere

GPS based Tracking

With GPS based realtime executive, customer status and order tracking corporate can monitore business performance realtime

Project and Task Management

Company will get realtime instant notification on any task completed or updated by executive

Create and Monitoring sales target

It will help to assign sales target to executive and analyze sales performance with detail dashboard

Proper communication

Tvarak provide chat messanger for group and individual communication it is also providing Instant notification on lead generation and ordering

Minimize Manual administrative task

With all centralize cloud based data management manual administration task will be minimize

Detail Features

Tvarak is one stop solutions for all your business management need with wast featurelist.

Secure Cloud based Access Anytime, Anywhere

Manage client projects & track the performance on finger tips

Effectively create, assign, remind & check task status

Manage reporting structure and authority

Manage your product catalog and inventories

Increase employee efficiency effectively

Gst enabled ordering and invoicing

Every New lead or Order generated by executive on real time.

Manage your Currencies & Taxes as per your country preference

Easy Communication, Collaboration & Coordination

Track employee attendance and daily expenses

Manage your employee daily expenses and Increase transparency

Assign and get task status from executive

Executive can manage client meeting status

Client Meeting reminder & Status Management

Paperless data management will help to go green

Your own retail solutions for daily ordering and invoicing

Executive Get real time update on stock availability

Manage all your invoices and daily transaction

Assign sales target to your sales executive.

Set revenue target and analyse with detail dashboard

Minimize manual administrative Task

Check how many calls made by your executives

You can record calls for quality purpose

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Tvarak Save Time

Office Executive Invest Time (In Min)

Sales Executive Invest Time (In Min)

Without Tvarak
With Tvarak
Without Tvarak
With Tvarak

Tvarak Save 1.5 Hour Productive Time

Per User / Per Day

For 100 Executive, 150 Hours / Day

$15/Hour, $2250/Day Save

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